CRES Commends Rep. Bob Dold’s Consistent Clean Energy and Environmental Leadership

Representative Bob Dold (IL-10) kicked off the Working Together Tour this month, traveling across the 10th district to address the critical issues facing residents and promote a healthier community. A major issue highlighted during the tour is the importance of protecting our natural resources via bi-partisan legislation and new energy technology. Dold consistently supports innovative efforts to address environmental issues from protecting our natural parks and endangered species, to promoting clean air and water, to growing Illinois jobs while lowering energy costs.

Rep. Dold recognizes the importance of Lake Michigan and understands the critical role the Great Lakes serve as a source for drinking water. That’s why he took action to introduce the Great Lakes Water Protection Act, implementing a 2035 deadline to stop sewage dumping in the Great Lakes. He has also been a dedicated supporter of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and has co-sponsored legislation to keep it reauthorized and well-funded. Watch his floor speech here.

Earlier this year, CRES recognized Dold for his leadership to advance clean energy solutions in Washington by working together with 11 other Members of Congress on the formation of the House Republican Energy, Innovation and Environmental Working Group.

Launching the group, Dold said, “As an Eagle Scout and a Scout Master for many years, I know firsthand why we must all work to strengthen conservation programs and other policies that promote public health, protect our environment and keep our air and waterways clean. The formation of this working group brings us closer to finding solutions that will achieve real results to protect the environment for future generations.”

In 2015, Dold joined with policymakers from across the aisle to promote job growth and energy efficiency as a co-sponsor of the Mechanical Insulation Installation Incentive Act. This bipartisan legislation would create 25,000 jobs annually, save $35 billion in energy costs, and reduce millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Rep. Dold should be applauded for his unwavering support and consistent dedication to promoting policies that not only advance market-based energy solutions to create Illinois jobs and reduce energy costs, but also protects our environment. His impressive record of leadership on key energy and climate initiatives is essential to conservation and economic growth for generations to come, and makes him an invaluable advocate in Congress.

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