Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Formally Endorses U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Congress

McCarthy Leads Efforts to Create Jobs and Grow California’s Clean Energy Economy


WASHINGTON — Today, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) formally announced its endorsement of Rep. Kevin McCarthy in his reelection bid for the U.S. House in California’s 23rd Congressional District.


In order to receive CRES’s endorsement, candidates must acknowledge a role for the federal government in reducing America’s carbon emissions and developing a robust clean energy industry, as well as demonstrate leadership on policy initiatives related to climate change and emissions reduction.


“As the top Republican leader in the U.S. House, Congressman Kevin McCarthy has played a key role in advancing clean energy technologies and building a stronger American energy sector for his constituents and Americans nationwide,” said CRES Executive Director Heather Reams. “During his time in the U.S. House, Congressman McCarthy has helped charter a new Republican climate plan that conservatives can get behind, worked to promote a safe and healthy environment, and supported job-creating policies that strengthen our energy economy. CRES is proud to formally endorse Kevin McCarthy in his reelection bid for the U.S. House in California’s 23rd Congressional District.”


“I’m honored and proud to receive an endorsement from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. Our nation’s energy renaissance has been one of the greatest developments in the industrialized world — and proven — we can put America first and be good stewards of our environment at the same time. Contrary to the radical command-and-control policies that Democrats are pushing, which do nothing to address the real problem that is global emissions — Republicans are working to ensure America can remain energy independent, grow American jobs, and export American energy around the world — all while creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment,” said Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.


CRES-endorsed candidates have contributed to a policy landscape to advance clean energy and emissions reductions in a way that puts the needs of the country first. Examples of initiatives and legislation championed by CRES and endorsed candidates have included reforming and reauthorizing ARPA-E and advanced nuclear research and development; commonsense, market-based emissions-reduction policies, including legislation to help farmers, ranchers and landowners embrace sustainable farming practices and participate in voluntary carbon markets; and policy solutions to incentivize the next generation of hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal generation, among others.


Congressman McCarthy’s record on clean energy includes the following:

  • As U.S. House Minority Leader, McCarthy took a bold step to support his caucus who are looking to heed polls showing that young Republican voters want common sense solutions to climate. McCarthy worked with members to craft four bills, three measures that addressed carbon capture and another dealing with agriculture sequestration.
  • Co-sponsored the Building U.S. Infrastructure through Limited Delays & Efficient Reviews (BUILDER) Act, a bill that modernizes the National Environmental Policy Act to expedite infrastructure projects, create jobs and stimulate the economy.
  • Co-sponsored the Trillion Trees Act, legislation that establishes forest management, reforestation and utilization practices to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Co-sponsored the American Critical Mineral Exploration and Innovation Act, legislation that promotes the domestic exploration, research, development, and processing of critical minerals to ensure the economic and national security of the United States.



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