Alexander’s Leadership Encourages Bipartisan Support For Renewable Energy

Senator Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) has consistently supported policies that preserve and improve the quality of our air and water while increasing investments in clean energy technology. His track record of reaching across the aisle to promote renewable energy research has been instrumental in advancing infrastructure development, domestic job creation, and breakthroughs in clean energy science.

As leader of the Senate appropriations subcommittee overseeing energy and water funding, Lamar Alexander has taken decisive action to modernize our nation’s outdated energy infrastructure. Just last week, while convening the first of two planned oversight hearings on the future of nuclear energy, Alexander stated that nuclear power is America’s “best source of low-cost, reliable, safe, and pollution-free electricity,” and discussed the national security and economic benefits associated with waning ourselves off of energy derived from outside our country.

During the hearing, Alexander called upon Congress to help build more U.S. nuclear reactors, double basic energy research, and end the subsidies that make nuclear more costly. He also emphasized the need to solve the nuclear waste stalemate, which is addressed in a pilot program designed to develop consolidated sites for nuclear fuel that he proposed with Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

In May, Alexander addressed a panel of nuclear energy experts at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committer hearing on the importance of innovating energy storage technology.

This wasn’t the first time Alexander reached across party lines to pursue energy solutions. This summer, CRES commended Alexander for working with Senators Feinstein and Brian Schatz (D-CA) as the lead author of the Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill. The Senate passed this legislation to increase funding for infrastructure development and renewable energy research that not only strengthens our national security, but also provides cost savings for taxpayers. Additionally, CRES applauded Alexander for his hard work on the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, a broad, bipartisan energy bill to help reduce energy costs and provide clean, cheap, reliable energy for Tennessee.

Senator Alexander has demonstrated time and again his commitment to advancing critical investments that carry the potential for major breakthroughs in how we generate, store and use renewable energy. His consistent leadership helps advance innovative energy technology and development of energy infrastructure that is key to ensuring a strong economy and a clean environment for future generations.

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