CRES Applauds Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon’s New Initiative: Decarbonizing the West

Wyoming Governor and Chair of the Western Governors Association (WGA) Mark Gordon (R) recently released the final report on his initiative, Decarbonizing the West.  

As chair of WGA, Governor Gordon conducted workshops and working groups with key stakeholders and community leaders to determine how best to decarbonize industry, advance energy innovation and support local economies throughout the West. The conclusion? The West can and should lead in providing affordable, reliable energy to families and businesses while reducing emissions. 

The report outlines several federal policy recommendations as opportunities to effectively manage carbon emissions without compromising the livelihoods of those in the West, including: 

  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage through emerging technologies like hydrogen and direct air capture; 
  • Natural sequestration through forestry, agriculture and soil management; and 
  • Cross-cutting and regional opportunities for western states to collaborate. 

A critical aspect of the governor’s initiative is the emphasis on what can be achieved by embracing an all-of-the-above energy strategy without tying the hands of the American energy industry. Achieving this will make industries more efficient, grow the economy, create jobs and protect the environment. 

As Governor Gordon writes in the report, “It is important to acknowledge that if the concern is about CO2 emissions in our atmosphere, then our focus must be on CO2 more broadly, not just curtailing the use of fossil fuels.” As the leader of one of the most energy independent states in the nation, he is exactly right. We must cut emissions, not sources.  

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) applauds Governor Gordon and his team at WGA for demonstrating that innovation – not regulation – will result in both a cleaner future and American energy leadership.  

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