Congressman Mullin Fights for Energy Equality with Natural Gas-Fueled Vehicles

Rep. Markwayne Mullin will run for U.S. House in Oklahoma’s 2nd District during November’s elections, and his track record of fighting for energy policy that benefits everyday citizens earned him our official endorsement for his candidacy.

In many cases around our nation, energy-related policy still needs to catch up to the new energy technologies that are now economically viable, and these changes do not happen without vigilant representatives looking out for their constituents.

Rep. Mullin is an example of a representative that puts public concerns before party politics, and he recently demonstrated this with the introduction of a bill that addresses the advancement of low-emission, natural gas vehicles.

H.R. 5959, the Natural Gas Parity Act, was co-introduced by Congressman Mullin and Congressman John Larson (D-CT), to “bring equity to the sale, purchase, and use of natural gas in the United States.” This act would give natural gas-fueled vehicles a fair shake when it comes to federal policy. Under the bill, vehicles run on natural gas and related alternative sources will receive fair treatment in the tax code, federal acquisition policy, as well as increased research and funding for development.

This act was introduced in light of the tax incentives that the government provides for electric vehicles. Before the Natural Gas Parity Act, there was no proposed tax incentives for vehicles fueled by natural gas.

“When it comes to fuel sources for our country’s planes, trucks, cars, and buses, I support an all-the-above approach,” said Congressman Mullin.  “Under current laws and regulations, alternative fuel sources enjoy federal subsidies that cut down on production costs while clean, natural gas shoulders a greater financial burden.  The federal government should not be picking winners and losers in the energy industry, but instead should allow consumers and accessibility to drive demand.”

Congressman Mullin’s understanding of the economic principles that must drive change in our energy sectors illustrates his worth as a Congressman. We take pride in officially endorsing his candidacy.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (right) touring a natural gas fueling station

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