Clean Energy Insider: Congratulations Rep. John Curtis! 

In the latest edition of Clean Energy Insider, CRES President Heather Reams highlights Rep. John Curtis’ (R-Utah) primary victory for Utah’s U.S. Senate seat. She discusses his founding of the Conservative Climate Caucus (CCC) and his significant efforts to advocate for pragmatic, all-of-the-above energy solutions. 

“In the three short years since it was founded by Rep. Curtis, the CCC has grown significantly, now boasting more than 80 Republican Members of Congress from across the country. CCC is leading the charge to engage Republicans on policies that reduce global emissions based on conservative principles and prioritize American interests: lowering energy costs for American families and businesses, re-shoring our supply chains, advancing innovation to increase American manufacturing and competitiveness, and capitalizing on U.S.-produced energy to increase our geopolitical influence. He knows that when we eliminate government-induced obstacles that stifle American innovation and entrepreneurship, we make America stronger and reduce global emissions.”


Rep. Curtis’ efforts have amplified and increased the much-needed visibility of conservative voices in the climate debate, emphasizing pragmatic solutions, American innovation, and U.S. energy leadership.

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