A Carbon Tax Bad for American Industry, Workers and Consumers

From raising costs for consumers to burdening American manufacturers, the consequences of implementing a domestic carbon tax have long been documented by market and energy experts alike. This is why Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) is leading a House resolution condemning any future plans to implement a carbon tax in the United States.  

CRES believes a carbon tax or any cap-and-trade-like policy is punitive for American industry and would benefit our economic competitors. 

The United States leads the world in emissions reduction thanks to breakthroughs in innovation and technology that make American-made energy and products some of the cleanest in the world. Just looking at steel, of the major producing countries the U.S. has the lowest CO₂ emissions per ton manufactured. Chinese steel production, on the other hand, creates carbon emissions nearly twice that of the U.S. Rather than reward American manufacturers, a carbon tax would penalize them and in turn raise costs for consumers and lower wages for workers.  

CRES endorsed Rep. Zinke’s resolution, and CRES President Heather Reams issued a statement in support: “America’s global leadership in emissions reduction should be rewarded. Not only is implementing a carbon tax punitive for American industry, workers and families, it unfairly benefits our economic competitors which rely on dirtier energy production. CRES has never supported a carbon tax and thanks Representative Zinke for leading this resolution.” 

To read the full resolution, please click HERE.  

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