Biden’s Decision on LNG Exports is a Recipe for Disaster 

In appealing to his radical left flank, President Joe Biden halted the consideration of new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals – a move that will ironically backfire against his own climate agenda and result in higher global emissions. Rep. Brandon Williams (R-N.Y.) responded in full force with his resolution condemning the Biden Administration for this decision.   

When exported to the world market, United States’ LNG results in lower greenhouse gas lifecycle emissions compared to most of our major foreign competitors, including Russia who is among the largest exporters of natural gas in the world.  

Many nations around the world have expressly identified natural gas as the primary means to achieving their emissions commitments under the Paris Climate Accords. Limiting their access to natural gas to only higher emitting sources is ludicrous.    

CRES President Heather Reams issued a statement in support of Rep. Williams’ resolution: “The Biden Administration’s decision to put the brakes on all pending natural gas export projects weakens the United States’ national and global energy security and undercuts the pro-environment agenda he claims to champion. Thank you to Representative Williams for highlighting the critical role LNG plays in securing reliable, affordable and cleaner American-made energy and its ability to displace dirtier energy sources in the U.S. and around the world.”  

As CRES joins the growing consensus opposed to President Biden’s harmful LNG decision, you can learn more about how natural gas plays a crucial role in reducing global emissions in this CRES Forum white paper HERE

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