Third-Annual American Wind Week Puts Spotlight on Opportunity

This week marks American Wind Week once again, a national celebration of U.S leadership in wind energy production that started in 2017 when wind became the country’s largest source of renewable electricity generation. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and other supporters of wind energy (including CRES) will highlight the many ways that wind powers opportunity at dozens of events across the country and online with #AmericanWindWeek.

Wind is the top source of renewable energy in America, and as the U.S economy continues to evolve, wind is creating the careers of the future. There are 500 factories making wind turbine parts and over 11,400 people employed by the industry. Wind is growing the economy, especially in the so-called “red states” where large, open spaces and powerful winds are giving landowners, including farmers and ranchers, new sources of income.

Accordingly, “wind powers opportunity” is the theme of this year’s American Wind Week, recognizing the many emerging economic and environmental benefits that come along with expanding the U.S. wind energy production. Over 57, 000 wind turbines operating in 41 states operate in U.S., which has more than tripled over the past decade. Innovation and investment continue to drive new growth, so who knows what the next decade will bring?

The private sector is certainly buying in, for one. Major businesses like Amazon, General Motors, Google, Home Depot, Walmart, and many others are buying rural America’s valuable wind energy to power their operations because wind is low-cost, reliable and clean. It’s increasingly likely that a product you use or a store you visit is powered at least in part by wind.

Conservatives should also take note politically; a recent CRES Forum poll found that over three in four (78%) millennial Republicans support the government taking action to accelerate the development of clean energy.

Anyone can participate in American Wind Week by posting on social media in support of wind energy from August 11th to August 17th using #AmericanWindWeek. Each weekday, AWEA will blog and share highlights from events happening around the country.

“Wind power is leading the transformation to a cleaner, stronger U.S. economy,” said Rob Caldwell, AWEA Board Chair and President of Duke Energy Renewables. Businesses in the wind industry power opportunity for workers, rural communities, and factory towns across America.

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