Senator Cramer, a 2022 Clean Energy Champion, Fighting for American Energy Independence

Each year, CRES honors policy makers who have been leaders in proposing and reinforcing U.S. clean energy legislation as Clean Energy Champions during National Clean Energy Week (NCEW). This month, we continue profiling each of this year’s Champions in more depth on the CRES blog.

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer, representing North Dakota, works for commonsense energy legislation that would preserve our environment without sacrificing our economy. Sen. Cramer played a leadership role in crafting the American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan, a framework to reduce global emissions by as much as 40 percent—while creating thousands of American jobs.

“Our framework is based on American abundance and leveraging America’s many unique strengths, especially our world-class natural resources, whose production has actually brought down emissions and the lowest carbon intensive manufacturing in the world,” Sen. Cramer said last year, during a press announcement unveiling the plan.

To reform the burdensome regulatory process, Sen. Cramer called for federal permitting reform and recently supported the Congressional Review Act of the Biden Administration’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Rule. While Sen. Cramer wants to help protect the environment, he understands we need an all-the-above approach to energy production.

“I reject the notion that you have to stop all fossil fuel production and fossil fuel use for electricity in the United States of America to solve climate change. Let’s not be so focused on, I hate coal, and more focused on, let’s reduce emissions,” Sen. Cramer said during radio interview in January. “We need to be, I think, in a transition. And I think people feel that. What fuels should we reject as part of that transition? And I don’t think we need to reject any of them if we have the technology that can clean them all up.”

Sen. Cramer’s stance on domestic energy production comes with hard-earned experience. Before taking office, Sen. Cramer served as the North Dakota Public Service Commissioner. His robust understanding of America’s energy needs, such as how our energy security underwrites our economy security, allows him a vantage point of the American energy sector that’s rarely found in the Senate.

“I think a better trade policy that recognizes that American energy, in concert with our allies, particularly in Europe… Instead of seeking help from OPEC+, Venezuela, or Saudi Arabia, let’s get back to what we know and that is American energy is cleaner than most. We know how to produce it. We become the exporter,” Sen. Cramer said, discussing American energy production earlier this month.

Sen. Cramer’s deep understanding of our national energy sector makes him a worthy clean energy ally, and here at CRES, we’re happy to count him among our champions.

“It is an honor to be recognized as one of the Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ Clean Energy Champions for 2022. From our carbon capture projects to the production of carbon negative oil, North Dakota is a leader in clean energy technology and innovation, producing responsible and reliable energy today and for the future” Sen. Cramer said in the press announcement. “Every day, I aim to make Washington more like North Dakota and CRES has been a great partner along the way.”

Congratulations, Sen. Cramer! CRES looks forward to continuing to work with all our Clean Energy Champions on important clean energy legislation in the coming years.

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